I would like to announce the creation of Community Teams. There will be four teams that will work with the Members and myself to create new ideas and opportunities for the community to continue growing.

In the past 7 months, the number of people at the SitePoint Forums has double and the average number of monthly posts has increased fivefold. By dividing up the community into 4 teams, each critical area of online development can be focused on by people who have strengths in those areas.

The teams will consist of a Team Leader, Advisors and SitePoint Mentors. These teams will help bring the best resources to SitePoint.
The teams are -

Build: This team will concentrate on the coding aspects of development online.

Grow: Promoting and Marketing your site to make your business profitable is one of the most difficult things to do. The Grow team will help you do that.

Tools: The Tools Team will help you find the resources you need to build, maintain and grow your online business. Everything is included from scripts to web hosting to domain names.

Community: This team will focus on the Community. They will be dedicated to helping build SitePoint and making it more Community Oriented.

The teams will be staffed over the next few days and I will make an announcement as to who is in what team once that is decided.