I'm having a problem with displaying content on my page


I'm using a 3 column fluid layout. In the center column I am trying to display news stories. What I do is the following:

<p class="news-box">
  <image floated left>
  News Headline
  Date Posted
  Article Summary

<div style="clear:left">
The problem I am having is that in Opera 7.5 the <div> I use to clear the floated image in each news article is clearing the entire center column instead. What happens in Opera is that the rest of the news articles get pushed way down to the bottom of the page. I have no idea why? Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong? Is there just a bug in Opera? It seems to work properly in IE and Firefox

My CSS file is here: http://www.humanclay.net/skins/creed...css/styles.css

Most of the styles I use for the news page is at the very bottom of the style sheet.