I'm trying to constuct what, in real terms, is a simplistic page layout using CSS-P.

Maybe I'm being stupid - but here goes...

I am trying to constuct a page as follows:

header (viewport width)
leftMenu (width 150px)
content (as wide as necessary) - top aligned with top of leftMenu
footer (viewport width) - underneath the "tallest" of "Left Menu" and "Content"

Easy huh?

But, as soon as any content is greater than [viewportWidth - 150] (150=width of leftMenu), the content (depending, of course, on the CSS implementation) either slips below the leftMenu, disappears altogether(?), or has the footer right underneath the header with everything else below.

I could do this with a simple table construct in under a minute. So please - CSS gurus, can you advise me how to achieve this in CSS, as it seems impossible (10 hours+)?

I thought CSS was supposed to make design easy; If I'm not missing something and CSS can't achieve this (common) basic layout - what hope is there?

All comments truly appreciated,