I am pretty familiar with design problems/differences associated with the various ways that NS 4.xxx and IE.5.xxx. I have IE 5.5 and NS 4.75 on my computer for testing but will not download NS 6. Have just heard too many horror stories about problems and am not willing to risk it. I know that CNET retracted its earlier better rating and gave it a rating of 4 out of 10 as a result of numerous problems encountered by users.

Like it or not the fact is, it's out there and some people will be viewing our sites with it. Do any SitePoint members know what the known design issues are that should/could be avoided in planning design layout such as rendering of tables, css, backgrounds and such? Don't see how we can just ignore it.

Have seen a lot of complaints about it but nothing specific as to what may need to be addressed in planning a design layout.