Hi: I am confused about different behavior from MSIE, NS7.1 and FireFox1.
Response.Write "Request.ServerVariables(""SERVER_SOFTWARE"")= " & _
   Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_SOFTWARE")  & "<br/>"
Response.Write "Session.SessionID= <tt><b>" & Session.SessionID & "</b></tt><br/>"
using MSIE6:
a) different MSIE6 instances (i.e. invoke browser from Program menu)
-- different sessionID is displayed
b) new window from existing MSIE6 window:
-- get same sessionID

using Firefox1:
a) invoke different instances from Program menu or from existing
browser window:
-- always get same sessionID

using NS7.1:
-- same behavior as using Firefox1.

My environment:
-- the SERVER_SOFTWARE is: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
-- I test from the same server

Now, My questions are:
a) why there's a difference?
b) should there be a "standard" governing such behavior?
-- if YES: who is right?
c) will Apache behave differently?

The implication is of course: should the client browser logging to our site,
invoking different windows in different ways (as illustrated above) to our same site, then our session variables will not be accessible in some case.

Anybody, please shed some light on this.