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    Lightbulb Final solution for vertical align using CSS.

    (EDIT)Guys this solution for unknown height! It is not the one with height specified that is known for very long time! This is brand new solution! I noticed people think its the old one. (/EDIT)

    Yep, you got that right. There is a solution and I am presenting it to you. Actually it was blogged in Czech Republic allready, but I wont go into much details here (no explaining here, sorry). Here is the link

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Cause I invented it, it will be easy for me to answer the questions. There are few bugs which I will list here later on.

    So, how do you like it?

    By the way it is tested in Safari, IE5+, Firefox 1.0PR (probably works in all versions), Opera 7.5 (well it should work in 7.23, maybe even in lower versions), Konqueror, Netscape 6.2+ ... i guess thats all, if you have any other browser available, go ahead and test it, then write the results...

    btw sorry for my english i am from czech republic (though i moved to canada recently) this is the article by Yuhů about this vertical centering, it lacks explanation of some bugs, so I will post them here.. AND his version uses _ so not valid, better use the one I use. or the conditional comments
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