I had an asp mailing list that sent a message to a text file of recipients, which worked beautifully until the powers that be upgraded servers on me and didn't tell me how my components would be effected. The original script used CDONTS, now replaced with Persits ASP Email.

Anyway, now that I've vented...

This code is now throwing an error:

last = Ubound(maillist) - 1
Response.Write "<PRE>Mail being sent ot subscribed members of " & Request.Form("filename") & vbCrlf
Response.Write "using letter " & Request.Form("lfilename") & vbCrlf & vbCrlf
for i = 0 to last
singlemail = split(maillist(i), delimiter, -1, vbtextcompare)
if mailpattern(singlemail(0)) then
mailresult = SendMail(Request.Form("from"), singlemail(0), _
Request.Form("subject"), lettext, "", "", 1)
if mailresult then
Response.Write singlemail(0) & ": SENT" & vbCrlf
Response.Write singlemail(0) & ": MAIL NOT SENT"
end if
end if
This now gives me Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01c2' Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'SendMail'

I did have to modify the SendMail function - but I can't tell where I caused the problem:

function  SendMail (sFrom, sTo, sSubject, sBody)
on error resume next
dim myCDO
set myCDO = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")
myCDO.Host = "mx1.lemoyne.edu"

if IsObject(myCDO) then
myCDO.From = sFrom
myCDO.AddAddress = sTo
myCDO.Subject = sSubject
myCDO.Body = sBody
set myCDO = nothing
sendMail = True
SendMail = False
end if
on error goto 0
end Function
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!