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    Okay guys, here's the scenario:

    Our website recently outsourced its entire web development to another company, and the project was recently completed and hosted on our server.

    There is a fairly large MySQL database running behind the curtains with various tables (User, Adverts, Artistes etc.)

    Now, we want to add another table to this database. However I want to do this without messing up data in the database already, or messing up the database structure and schema if for instance what I add isn't correct.

    Is there some way I can ADD a table (we run phpMyAdmin to administer the MySQL DB), w/o effecting the other data in the database? Also, will relating and forming associations with primary keys from other tables be simple using phpMyAdmin?

    Would appreciate any help in this regard.


    - Zeeshan

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    Adding another table shouldn't bother anything in the database. Nor should dropping said table.


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