Hi there folks:

There's a <select> menu on the homepage of: www.featuresexec.com. (Under "Shortcut to a title") which renders badly using IE5.1 on Mac O/S 8.5 (maybe 7 thru 9 too).

The site went live last Friday and displays consistently in my Mac+PC target browsers. However the large <select> menu under "Shortcut to a title" does not render correctly at all.

It is a large menu with hundreds of <option>'s and doesn't display the contents, rather many blank lines with text displayed with obscure symbols (Apples sometimes!).

There are only two things I can think of that might be the cause of this:

1: The menu uses symbol->entity replacement so maybe Mac 0/S 8.5 doesn't support some of the replacements of type &#xxx; or &acute; and the like.
2: There are so many entries in the menu that either the machine itself or the 0/S's ability to cope is so diminished it, that the menu doesn't display.

Can anyone offer any other reasons or even a potential solution?
Many thanks.