I've had some good experiences with a service called stats4all. There are some things about it that annoy me though, and I'll describe it to you in more detail.

Stats4All's free service is a small image link much like webtrends live or similar. It is not a log analyser.

Thus, it is not always going to be entirely accurate. If the icon is at the bottom of a page, then it will load last. Often, a visitor will decide to follow a link before all the graphics load, and then their hit is not counted.

The icon itself is really nice. It is so tiny, and contains no wording or advertisements.

What sort of stats does it provide?

Well, one of the best features is the behaviour tree. You can select any of the most prominant pages of your site, and it will show which page visitors went to next. Then you can follow the next branch of the tree and so on. It gives the number of times a particular path was taken. It's a feature I've seen on some of the better log analyser trackers, so it's not groundbreaking or anything.

In the past two days their server has been slow, due to an upgrade...? This is a bit unreliable, as pages are less likely to register as hits.

Advantages over the competition (hitbox, webtrendslive, sitemeter):
- Small icon (very small) with no ads.
- Stats are presented very nicely and neatly.
- Usually loads faster than hitbox

- Sometimes slow (recently)
- Doesn't track search engine referrers or keywords
- Cannot exclude IP addresses or masks (my own hits are counted).