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    Creating Batch File Processes in Photoshop

    This is an article discussion thread for discussing the SitePoint article, "Creating Batch File Processes in Photoshop"

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    Chris Darnell
    SitePoint Community Guest
    Thanks so much for this - very clear introduction to a facet of Photoshop that I was wondering about but didn't know where to start.

    Converting a folder of graphics from CMYK to RGB now.

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    all I knew was I needed to use the batch command, but had no idea what to go on from there. Thanks a lot.
    The load of pictures that I needed to convert for a Newspaper was done in seconds!
    Very clear tutorial, right to the point without jargons.

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    Victor Rangel
    SitePoint Community Guest
    Very useful... saved my day

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Thank you sooo sooo much. I didn't even know photoshop could do batch commands and didn't have a clue how to get them to work. I had to use the help guide to figure out where everything was after reading, but at least I knew what I was looking for!

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    this is fabulous! The only difference i had was that u have to go to file>>automate>>batch there instead of Save and Close choose folder and you can even change the naming of the file for lowercase web plus extensions or add ons to filename ei) _full or _small for thumbnailing. It was awesome though

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Amazing. Saved my day, my life, my job. Nobelprize winning tip this.


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