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    fulltext search results and pagination

    I'm having troubles with the following scenario:

    I have a fulltext index in mysql, a form on index.php and a results page - search.php

    initially, the form posts the query variable to the search page, which works fine. I choose to iterate through the results via pagination. On the "next" page however, I lose my query. The page is just reloaded with different parameters passed into the url.

    Ok, so the POST'd variable isn't being passed when PHP_SELF is called by the pagination. I enclosed the "next" link in a form, with hidden values set to what was POST'd from the index.php. I added an onclick function to submit the form to search.php (itself) hoping it would re-POST the variables. However, this didn't happen.

    Of course, if I hard code the query into search.php, everything works fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sounds like you are using $_POST to hold the search text, then using $_GET for the pagination which would loose the original posted search text.
    Most sites (see google) just pass the search text via GET in the url, i.e index.php would use <form method="GET" rather than POST


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