I have a nested DIV pair -- both DIVs are the same size and the outer DIV has a tiled background, while the inner DIV has a background image which is not tiled and stays in the lower right corner. That way, no matter what the size of the contents of the inner DIV is, the background image always aligns to the bottom right corner and the outer DIV tiles to the appropriate size.

However, the combination only seems to work on IE6 on PC...on Safari, IE5 and Firefox on a Mac the background image of the inner DIV disappears.

I've posted screenshots of both to show you what I mean.
PC - http://www.chadtempest.com/ie6.jpg

Mac - http://www.chadtempest.com/saf.jpg

and the code - http://www.chadtempest.com/css.txt

Anyone know how to fix this or have a better solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.