Contrary to what i was taught, evidently not. I always thought that you could overule any property used in an external stylesheet by simply using an inline style or regular html property inside a tag. But lately i have been noticing that sometimes it does and sometimes not. Here is a specific example. In an external stylesheet i have set a background image for the body and table cells like this;

body, tr, td { color: #000000; background: url(bkg.gif) .........

In the html page, if i try to use a different background image with standard html in a table like this;

<table width="600" cellpadding="30" background="bkg2.gif"........>

it doesnt work. Why? The background image set for td in the external stylesheet is overuling whatever i use inline in either a table tag or the td tags themselves, the image doesnt show up even in the table cellpadding. Why? This is becoming a real pain because i cant figure out what overules what. I have this type of problem regularly with the a tag when using different link colors. When setting the a tag pseudo classes in an external sheet i cant ever get an inline style (in the a tag or any other tag) to overule it. I end up having to make a class or some other way. Isnt an inline property, whether css or html, ALWAYS supposed to trump whatever is in the external sheet?