I've just completed reading Peachtree's DHTML and Dan Shafer's HTML Utopia. All the table to CSS examples I've seen in this forum deal mainly with 3 column tables which allow the center column to expand. I have a table with 7 columns that overlap and an overlapping logo graphic.

Tests were run using the W3C html and CSS valuators to remove major errors. Although the result was close to what I had expected, the coding process was not as I expected. I assumed that the locations could be mathematically pre-programmed.

I assumed that the top of button 3 and 5 would be at the same relative distance from the top. Evidently my perception of "relative to... " is quite off.

There is a huge white space at the bottom of the table which was unexpected. Also, at the bottom are 4 graphic boxes which refuse to move.

The original design can be seen at
My attempt is at

Obviously there is a major point that I have overlooked. Can anyone get me back on-track?

The design must show completely in an 800x600 window and centered on larger displays with a black background. Objects can not "jump" if the site is viewed at different "text size"s. This is accomplished be setting the class of each <TD>.

Thank you for any direction you can give me.