Hey all, I wondered if people would do me a massive favour. I have come to the end of validating my XHTML and CSS (I have removed one CSS file but need to update the XHTML) and wondered if people would check my site in as many browsers as they can, especially the rarer ones.

I've checked the site in all the browsers I have and it looks fine(ish).

So, if you have a spare moment could you please check the following link http://www.gladiatorszone.co.uk/home/gladiators and let me know if it looks right in your browsers, if so let me know, if not also let me know and also the problem.

Once I have this page working 100% in the browsers I can then complete the job.

In Knoqueror, it seems my ul and li menu at the bottom of the page do not follow the inline display, any ideas??

Thank you people!