I am building a site based on Paul OíBrianís 3 column layout. I want to have four DIVs in the centre column. These boxes are supposed to act as a navigation menu, but I canít get the DIVs to spread evenly across the bottom of the page.

For an example of what I mean, look at the page www.fcg.com.

I want four DIVs to look the same, but still be fluid (resize when the page resizes) but when I specify 24% width with 5px padding, the page is fluid at higher resolutions (1600 x 1200), but at smaller resolutions (800 x 600) the rightmost DIV always gets pushed to the next row, ruining the spacing of all the DIVs.

Can anyone tell me how to specify the width of these DIVs so that they are centred and evenly spaced and in the middle column?