I've been looking for hours now for a basic link tracker script for outgoing links. I'm hoping someone here might have come across a gem.

Main things I'm looking for in it are:

1) Short links, not just a redirect link with the original link tacked to the end. The last thing I need is even longer links.

2) Hopefully make it so Norton and other ad removers leave my sponsor text links alone. (This is the main reason I'm doing this.)

3) Be able to group or seperate links into categories in the admin area (Its a rather large site, with links added daily... so I need some way to keep those links organised.) Also must be not too hard to add / edit / find the links I need to change.

4) Preferably somewhat easy to install (I dont know the first thing about php so I'm afraid unless its well documented that option is out).

5) Basic stats would be nice, but not really the main issue. Click count and ability to reset all links counts would be great though.

Any ideas? I've looked though google, msn search and all the major script archives, and so far am at a loss.