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    We are an Internet marketing company with a client looking for a good niche product to sell:

    1. He obtains the buyers.

    2. The company processes the buyer’s credit card and ships the product.

    3. Must have a good markup

    4. He doesn’t want to become an ‘affilliate’, he wants to buy wholesale and sell retail, & obtain buyers to buy the product.

    Any suggestions on:

    a) How does ‘reselling’ like this work?

    b) Are there sites that put buyers and resellers together?

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    He's not asking you to market for him... he's asking you to invent a business.

    If you find a great product, let me know too! (not much help I know).

    I'm sure the wonderfully resourcefully folks on this board will be able to provide some directions, but you could also think about posting the question on s discussion board (this is a board for entrepreneurs).

    Seriously, I thought marketing companies market businesses that already have a product. Why does this client believe this is an appropriate use of your companies services?
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