I'm trying to put two images on the same "line" on a page, one left aligned, one centred. I've tried putting them in a table but that doesn't work in IE although it does in Firefox. I think IE screws it up cos I've got

padding: 10px 40px;
margin: 12px;

in my CSS.

I've tried

HTML Code:
<img src="images/ISO-9001regsm.gif" alt="ISO 9001 registered" width="120" height="70" align="left">
 <div align="center"><img src="images/veritas-tr.gif" alt="Veritas Chambers" width="384" height="42" vspace="14" align="middle"></div>
and that centres the 2nd image in the space remaining and I want it centred on the page.

My guess is I need to use CSS to do the job properly (and consistently) but I'm not sure what I need. Any suggestions, please?

Cheers G :-)>