Hi there,

I know this type of query has been posted a million times in various forums but despite that i still cant find an answer to what im looking for!

If you check out http://www.andy-burton.co.uk in FireFox, NS or Opera it looks fine... but if you open it up in IE the table.. well the td tags are all messed up.. ive figured its due to the fact that IE doesnt seem to use the height attributes of td's, but is there actually anything that i can do about that to make it universal?

I tried putting the td in the bottom left (with the 2 w3c logos) to 100%, which worked for FireFox, NS and Opera, but still buggered up in IE, as it made it 100%.... so the images were 100% + the stuff above it down the page.. if that makes sence?

Cheers if anyone knows what i talking about or has an answer!

Andy Burton