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    div / column layout problem

    hey.. my first post!
    i've been looking at this tutorial: and i really like the ideas.. but i must be slow or something, cause i cant seem to use those ideas to create my own layout. (see attached gif) i'm hoping somebodyhere could show me what i need to do to create this layout using div/span tags and.. comment the code. i'm assuming for anybody who understands the techniques well, it'd only take a minute or two..

    however if i'm mistaken, and thats actually a lot of work, then maybe somebody could point me to some other tutorials that might be a little eaiser for me to follow? or maybe to a layout online somewhere that is like what i'm trying to do?

    thanks a zillion!!

    mmmm.. maybe it's right in front of me and i'm just not seeing it.. but when i view this post, i dont see the attached gif anywhere. here's a link to the layout gif:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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