HI everyone. let me explain to you my problem.

I want to send and html mail with php. But i want this html mail to have some cuztomizable information.

i don't know how to do this, or if it is posible.

Let's asume that we have a form with 5 variables.(senderName, senderAdress,receiverName,receiverAdress,comment) wich ar send it via POST to a php file, who do the sending job.

this php file takes those variables and use them in the mail function, everything works, it sents the mail to the receiverAdress,
"To: $receiverName <$receiverAdress>\n"
from the receiver name:
"From: $senderName\n"
and send the html file.

but the problem is the i want to include some of those variables (receiverName,senderName,comment) into the html , but it ignore php code inside the html code.

Also i want to know if i can send a picture(how's stored in a database) inside that html code,

i don't know if i make myself clear.

please help me.

thanks for your time