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    Bruno Delepierre
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    People, I just encountered an interesting post on the " CEO" of ...I'm very reluctant to accusing persons but I think you guys better take a look at this before participating in this program...

    Kaumil, I suggest you'd better give an explanation to the SP community members because that's a pretty serious accusation this guy makes in his post.


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    So, I ask you again, Kaumil...what's your contingency plan in case your advertisers default on you?
    We have backup money from my other web properties.. and others from savings. We have more than $50,000 backup. We should be safe.

    Bruno Delepierre,
    This Naveen character is impatient. I have sent him two cheques already and he hasnt' seem to got it. I'm prepared to send him a third cheque, but he has gone out and posted bad remarks about on two high volume message boards and we do not appreciate that one bit. I'm an honest person and i've paid people. We have many emails coming to us and we can't reply to his email at once! Frankly, we don't want to after he has gone out and posted "fraud" messages about

    So it's your choice whether you wish to join on with our program or not.

    Take Care all.
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    All I know is that Kaumil (16) and his other partner (21) both have $50000 in reserve.

    I don't, however, know if they pay or not. But I've only heard of one or two posts ever of them "not paying". I'm sure if they didn't pay their advertisers they would have a lot more posts and they wouldn't have $50000 in reserve.

    I think that they got the $50000 from running ad network which is now closed.

    I hope this helps.


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