To help others to help you with your Programming problems we strongly encourage you to take note of the following:

1) Try a search. Your problem or a similar one has probably been discussed/answered before. See

2) Use a descriptive thread title. Posting "HELP!", "newbie" or a similar thread title will not help people solve your problem.

3) Describe the problem. Post as much detail about your problem and the context in which it is occurring to help people to help you.

4) Post the code. If you want help with some code you usually have to post it. Also post a link to your page (if available) and to any JavaScript/CSS you want people to look at.

5) Limit the amount of code. Only post code that is relevant to your problem.

6) Write clean code. Format you code properly and comment it so it's easier for others to follow.

7) Use code tags. Use the appropriate code tag (e.g. [ php][/php ] and [ code][/code ]) to make your code easier to read. See

8) Turn off unnecessary items. Turn off "Automatically parse URLs" and enable "Disable Smilies in This Post" to avoid problems with the code you post. (Options are available on the advanced post reply page)

9) Always preview. Use the preview button before posting. (Option is available on the advanced post reply page)