If thoughts are threads of information then a lilly did not make itself but it was the result of a thread of infinite thought that commanded in one breath the shapes, colors, patterns, odors, and living dynamics that we see and know as lillies. Consider for a momment! A lilly can change a thread of thoughts for a day, an hour, or maybe a second. But the words, known by billions, "Consider the lillies", are life and spirit. And can change the very life you have.

Tradin' my thoughts fer yers? Any body up for tradin' talents?

I need to understand what program, organization, direction to take in making my inface designs, web templates, image theft proof. I haven't been a saint my whole and know that the absence of knowlege makes a man do things that he doesn't know that he's doing. I would like to make my inface designs completely theft proof in a way where people cannot download my graphics to study them or even piece together a new site. Anyone done the research to know vut I shood dooo?

I'll try to make you richer in thought if you can help. Hope what I have given you so far makes you richer in thought. A lily niether sows nor spins, yet the Heavenly Father, so clothed the grass of the field ... Even Soloman in all of his glory was not arrayed like one of these! Even my saggin oversized jeans aren't as gloryious in fabrication and design as a Lilly. Yet I say we definately are the crown of creation that makes everything very good. There has to be some satisfaction in God to see us smell His creation.

A broker of thoughts. oneBIT