Reading a post by (thespian) in response to (Djsap) in the Site Critique forum prompts me to ask this question. I believe I am correct in saying that I should not have interrupted that thread unless I was prepared to offer a critique. The subject was a site designed with one table cell containing content that stretched to fit any resolution. Thespian said that he would leave the cell expandable and could offer a solution that would make the site look better in larger resolutions though no solution was outlined. Please. I want to hear more!

Basically, I want a table on my site that houses content and navigation, perhaps in three columns and I know how to set this up so there is one expandable cell for content. What I don't know is how to make it look good in large resolutions. How do I design to reach a happy medium? Would love to hear some tips, guidelines, table or navigation ideas from designers who design liquid/stretch sites.

I would also like to mention that the Site Critique section on this site is the best I have seen! The reviews are very professional, detailed, and honest. Those offering only half-hearted comments are prompted to do more complete reviews.

Thank you!