Here's a quick question. I'm wondering why I can't get certain fonts to look the same between browsers. Here's the CSS I'm using:

font: xx-large "Verdana", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif,;
color: #ffff00;
font-weight: bold;

Basically, I want this font to be very big, yellow and bold. It looks fine in IE, but in FireFox, the font is very small and not bold. It still stays yellow, though.

Can someone enlighten me to a better way to specifically indicate the same font size and style between different browsers? Is there a specifid way to code things so it will look the same throughout?

Also, is there a way to get all that font information on one line in CSS? Seems silly that I have to use three.

Everything else in CSS makes some degree of sense to me, but I still have the hardest time with fonts...

Thanks in advance!