So far I've lived in the lap of luxury on my laptop and at my ISPs and had my php.ini with globals_on, so I've only used variables as $variablename and not had to do any $post['variablename'].

Now I've upgraded to 10.3.5 OSX with Marc Liyanage's PHP 4.3.6

The php.ini file on the Mac at /usr/local/php/php.ini seems totally unresponsive to any changes made to it to make"
; - register_globals=Off

So now I have thousands of .php files that will need to be changed from:
$post['variablename'] or $get['variablename']
and in this instance 'varaiblename' could be any text string or naming convention I used.

I should do this for the future anyway, as my ISPs are largely on 4.12 and no doubt will move to a higher version one day soon!

So, my questions are...
Anyone know how to get PHP 4.3.6 on OSX 10.3.5 to notice the chnages to the php.ini file?

Can I use Golive or Dreamweaver or some other Mac OS X application to intelligently put the $get[' before my $variablename and put '] after?