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View Poll Results: Should you design your pages with non-css browsers in mind?

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  • Don't worry about it. Everyone has CSS! Rely on it totally!

    17 51.52%
  • BOTH! You gotta have an alternative for compatibility with non-CSS browsers/interfaces.

    13 39.39%
  • I never use CSS at all. I probably have netscape navigator 1.1

    3 9.09%
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    Yes, my aunt is running Netscape 2 on a Macintosh Classic

    Well, it's got 8Mb ram, pretty impressive! And a 28.8 modem!
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    glad its not much about the 'N' thing =)
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    Shin Ma is quite right about the users mot maximising their broswers on larger screen res monitors, although I know that my average browsers windows are closer to 1024 than 800 .

    Freakysid made some really good points, but we still haven't really got an answer. Already there are quite a few people browsing SitePoint on IE6. The 'front edge' of the web surfing market jumps on the new technology and motors off into the distance faster than ever as the back end plods along with their 'big blue E's. As developers we sit in the middle get pulled in both directions . ouch

    The only solution that I can think of is to 'ASP-ize' (Application Service Provider, not the Microsoft technology) most of the browser at ISP level for less advanced users (like Sid's uncle). Your web-client would be not much more than buttons, with the rendering engine at the ISP. Every time the ISP ugrades it's browser technology, so do all the users using that service. Most of us would still want the client to be local, but for less advanced users it 'outsources' the technology maintenance issues and keeps the 'thin client' very thin. There are probably very practical reasons why this couldn't work but I can't think how else to handle non-dynamic users in a very dynamic environment like the web.
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