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    i have a question about how no cache http headers sent in php work.
    i intend to send a pragma :: no-cache header (http 1) and a cache-control :: no-cache, must-revalidate (http 1.1) header with the page, but now my question is: how does this really work?
    what will the browser do? only not cache the html it gets, or also not cache the images and such that are on the page. i'm making a site where the frontpage and a lot of other sections are dynamically generated, and as such i want to add headers that tell the browser (and proxy too, as some providers seem to cache a lot too) not to cache the page, but off course i want the browser to have the images in cache, as the same images are used over and over on every section... i want to make sure that when the page is (dynamically) updated (every few minutes-hours), the new page is presented to the browser, but i don't want that, while surfing the site, the browser needs to get the same pictures every time again while going from one page to another that has the quite the same layout and same pictures, only different content.

    i really don't know a lot about this, and i can't find a lot of information about this neither (and i don't really get everything reading official and stuff papers)... i can't find any really easy to read information about this subject...

    thanks a lot to anyone who has some more information about this...

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    I know that Internet Explorer doesn't cache the text if you just give it an Expires header that's a negative number. For example, if you just put a
    <meta http-equiv="Expires" content="-5200">
    into your head section of your templates, it won't get cached (AFAIK, but I'm not sure about proxies). I think that IE will still get your images though, which is what you want. I don't know about NS...

    Good Luck!

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