Hi there,
I'm a beginning PHP programmer (I'm experienced at javascript, c++, c, visual basic, etc.. so I not a total beginner).

I'm designing a site that features articles, and at the moment the articles are all static html pages (with SSI headers).

I am interested in the sitepoint main sites (eg webmasterbase.com) which have article.php

I've already created the table to store the articles and a table for the authors, and also a table for the article categories, etc etc...

My questions are:

- I want to include html tags in the articles, but my writers know only limited html... should I include some sort of interface that lets them format it? How do sitepoint members submit articles with bold, italic, list items, etc...?

- I'd also like to include images in some of the articles, for illustration purposes. Should the images be stored as files or as binary blobs in the database?

Any comments? Thanks all...

An example of my static html articles can be seen at