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Thread: Display issue

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    Display issue

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a first timer here so be gentle if this question has already been answered earlier (I did a quick scan that didn't answer it).

    An intranet I did recently is displaying fine on MOST systems... However I was sent a screencapture of glitch in the display. I was told by the client that the glitch seems to appear on systems with Win98 using IE6 (but not all of them :P). I don't have a lot of info so far (I should have more feedback soon though), but I was wondering if any of you would know right off the bat what that glitch is...

    My suspicions leans toward a RAM shortage or a Video card issue.

    Oh yeah, I am using CSS extensively to display background images. I am mentionning this because I know how this can sometime be an issue with some browser versions.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Theres not really a lot we can do without seeing the code I'm afraid.

    However if only some systems have the glitch and the efffect is not easily reproduced then it is going to be very difficult to narrow down even with the code.

    All you can really do is test on the sytems that exhibit the error and try to reproduce the fault consistently and then you will be a step nearer to finding the answer.

    IE does have a lot of css glitches but they usually rear their ugly heads in a consistent fashion.

    As you say the problems could be hardware or software so its really don to testing on those specific machines.

    You could post the code anyway but I doubt if it will shed much light on it.

    I couldn't really see from your picture what the problem was exactly except that the display looked a bit mangled.

    Sorry I can't offer much constructive help.



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