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    Turck MMCache vs. Zend Encoder

    My company is trying to decide how to release a trial encoded version of our different PHP software products. We are considering Turck MMCache and the Zend Encoder. Can anyone give me an idea of what percentage of web hosting providers support Zend Encoder compared to Turck MMCache? I realize that very few will support Turck MMCache.

    From my research, it appears that Turck MMCache can be loaded during runtime with dl() (which could bypass the need for web hosting support), however this solution seems flaky because it does not work on multi-threaded web servers. Also PHP in CGI mode might cause problems?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Since Turck MMCache is free why not offer it in both formats and let your customers decide which suits them better? You can also bundle the free Zend Optimizer into your encoded program to make it easier for customers to use as well.

    You don't want to rely on the dl() function as it is deprecated in PHP 5.0 so it may not appear in future versions.
    Wayne Luke


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