How do I take the community web site I am working on to the next level ?

What I mean is:

1. The site offers great fun articles to read,
2. syndicated news,
3. jokes
4. Free email from
5. and a perl forum I installed

the email and forums both require two seperate login and passowrds (pretty awkward)

I want to improve this web site so that people can logon with their favorite login they picked and then be able to use email and use forums PLUS be in their own bubble called my Raioo (just like my Yahoo, my my eBay..) where I can maintain a good amount of info and services to members (like karma, contributions of photos, artiucles, jokes..)

I program the site in PHP but no mySQL database yet.

So, please, if anyone can help out with first steps, pointers, articles, tutorials of ABCs of how to take a site to the next level and make it a my Raioo web site kindda thing I'd appreciate it (authentication, creating user configurayions, knowing the users so that they have to have different logins and passwords for different parts of the site.. etc)