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    Horizontal lists, definite width containers and font size.

    I found the solution. I had unwittingly made each LI floated to the left, which in short was a stupid idea that futzed everything up.

    Now while it doesn't look quite as pretty as I'd like it to when the font size goes too large, it's bearably ugly. And still functions all right.

    [my default browser is Firefox 0.9.3]

    Horizontal lists, definite widthed divs, and font size.
    That's my deadly combination.

    I have a layout in which there is a 768px wide div, in which there is a list which I've made display horizontally. And I have an issue with font size, because when I increase my font size, the right side of the list jumps down below the rest of it, and the div containing the list doesn't expand to hold this text, and therefore it goes down to where my left navigation is, and this pushes my 2nd navigation (which is floated) to the right, my (also floated) content area down below my 2nd navigation, and just generally makes a big mess of things.

    Is there any way to either make the div expand to hold the list when the font size is increased?

    Thanks guys/gals
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    There are some things you can do to tidy up horizontal inline lists but its not as easy as styling floats (or block level elements).

    Without a link I can't offer any specific advice but heres an example of an inline list that may give you some ideas.



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