Hi y'all.

I've seen this done a fair few times and I think it's a great idea so wanted to give it a try.

You know how, on SitePoint and several other sites, the newest xxx number of discussion topics are displayed on the front page with a link to the topic and thread starter's profile etc?

Well what I'd like to know is how is it done? I'm not amazingly good with PHP and only know the very basics, so if anyone could provide me with the code to do this I'll be able to change the variables, connections etc so it works. I know how it works - by querying the database according to the last updated field - but don't know the exact code for it. I tend to work by using 'snippets' of code from hotscripts etc and adapting them to suit what I need

Any help here would be greatly appreciated! I'm using vBulletin 1.1.5 btw!