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    Side by side tables in Firefox

    EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed it. If you are ever having problems floating tables in Firefox, make sure you use both float and clear attributes.



    Using just float might cause problems. It did for me

    I'm having trouble getting Firefox to listen to me

    I am trying to have two tables next to each other, then with another table below it. Firefox doesn't want to allow the bottom table to display at the proper width or normal location. Probably best shown with an example:

    As you can see, the "Next 5 Games" table is being pushed to the right and jammed underneath the ad when it should display as the "Last 5 Games" table displays. I don't understand the problem since the table has a class of "wide" which means width 95%.

    My homepage is also a mess in Firefox for the same reasons if anyone wants to look:

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    You only need to use clear when you want to clear something.

    Normally elements will just float side by side. If the elements are different sizes then the float will float as far as it can to the designated side to allow it to fit.

    This means that a float at the end of one line will drop down to find space but won't automatically start a whole new line of floats if there is room under another smaller height float.

    To make a float avoid other floats then you use the clear property.



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