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Thread: Access Denied

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    Hi everybody,

    I have two browser windows, one having a page from my server, and the other having some other web site. When I try to pass something from a script located on my server to a form element located in the browser containing some other site using JavaScript, I get an Access Denied error message.

    If I try something similar, but only pass something to a second page located on my server, everything works fine.

    Is there a way to pass a parameter using JavaScript to a form element on a different web site?


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    I'm not sure exactly what you're script does, and what the form expects, but...

    If you're passing a variable to a form element on another page, whether on your site or not, and whether or not you're using JavaScript, you can add the name of the form element to the query string so it's available in the destination page.

    firstName would be the name of the form element on the destination page. If you have an example of what you're trying to do, maybe this could be explained better, but that's the general idea.


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