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    H1 Tag Help ....

    Hi there… Im a newbie at this H1 tags and had just one question. When I want to use H1 tags on my title can I do it like this?
    <title>"<h1>"Shoes For Sale"</h1>"</title>
    When I do it without the title in front of it all the words show up on my web page? Having trouble here and have been surfing for days. Call me stupid but newbie tryin to gain this info needs help! LOL I read that your title is the most important thing for search engines and I just don’t get how to insert these H1 tags. Im using frontpage to build my site. Any suggestions would be great. Really do appreciate your time. Also .. I would like to know how to do H1 tags with my keywords. I put them all between the <h1>"Shoes For Sale"</h1>and had the same problem. I really just don’t know what to do . I keep looking around and cant find real English on what to do … Im a newbie though and Im sure it has something to do with that. Don’t know why I cant figure this out.. I mean I did build my site in 4 days and its up and running… Never build a site before. Now all Im trying to do Is make it get in the search engines. My traffic is really bad and could use a little …. Alright a lot of help!
    Help me if you can,
    Thanks Taylor

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    No, the title tag is used exclusively for the window title and it not considered content of the body.

    h1 will only be valid as a child of the body tag.

      <title>My Document Title</title>
      <h1>The mating patterns of Migratory birds</h1>


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