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Thread: Introduction

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    I am new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. I hope it is not in appropriate. I have many questions but will not bore with them all at once.

    My background is that I am a dental surgeon with little web design experience and virtually no coding experience in general or php specifically. If I am in the wrong place please let me know. I have developed a website for my county dental society and would like to make it more dynamic. Iwould like to eventually develop a web presence for my office as well.

    I have a commercial host running Apache, MySql and PHP 3. I started my design with FrontPage 2000 on a PC it seemed easy at the time but there are problems running it on a UNIX server. I am using Dreamweaver 3 now or trying to. (I find it a bit harder ).
    But it seems to be easier for editing php (lines are numbered).

    I edit my PHP code upload it to the server and view the page in MSIE to see the invariable error messages. My question is, is this a good way to do it? I don't have the expertise to try to run Mysql and PHP on Windows (if that is even possible).

    I will keep future posts more brief. And if I can answer any questions for you in my field, feel free to e-mail me.


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    Welcome Frank,

    Normally this post would have been great for the Introduction forum, but since you are asking PHP questions as well, I am pretty sure this is a fine place for your post.

    PHP, Apache and MySQL all run rather smoothly on Windows, I use them for local dev at my house so I can debug without the annoyance of uploading them to a unix server to check them.

    There are several approaches to to getting a good local dev environment set up for yourself on windows.

    1) YOu can do like I did and go to each site of the software you want and downlaod them and install them. You will inevitably run into some problems, but IMHO working through them and making it work on your won will teach you a whole lot. The sites

    2) You can use one of the bundles that will install for you

    And mopst of all don't forget we are here to help so just ask.
    Please don't PM me with questions.
    Use the forums, that is what they are here for.


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