This question has been asked dozens of times on this site, but not one thread seems to have a directly relevant answer, nor one that has helped me solve the problem.

It's the age old height = 100% problem.
<td height="100%">
<td style="height: 100%">

In IE my site renders perfectly -- the table fills the whole screen as expected. In Netscape/Opera, the table only grows as much as it is required to grow to contain the text therein. This causes issues for my page, which has a side menu that is supposed to span the height of the page.

Specifically, my page is formed of a table with 4 cells... a 120px by 24px top-left cell, a [remaining width] by 24px top-right cell, a 120px by [remaining height] bottom-left cell which will hold a variable length menu, and a [remaining width] by [remaining height] bottom-right cell which will hold the variable length content. Even if the variable-length content of both bottom cells is very short, the table should still expand vertically to fit document.

Once and for all, does anyone actually know the solution to this very common issue??