Dear all
i am trying to set up the simple and small e store to keep the records of the equipment in the storeroom. Everyday people sign in to borrow the equipment and return back. Then i was thinking how to do with access2002 . Bascially i have 3 table , E-Store to store all the stocks of equipment, Staff for idenification purpose, Equipment for who take and plus how many available in e store.

let me give u rough ideas.

S/N | Description | Stock | Current available | Location

Staff | Description | inv out number | Date | inv in number | Date

Name | Age

In equipment table, a person input the name of equipment n how many, it autoupdate the EStore table(subtract the number of Current available), the same thing, when he return back, he input in "inv in number" , autoupdate the estore (adding the number of Current available)

do u think it is possible with access 2002? i am not sure how it work. any nice sample for this or any help is very much appreciated.

thanks. look forwarding to rely soon.