Hi guys,

How's it going? Tonight I had a client come over, my first official one to finish up an extensive web site that I had built for him. Most of the night in which was supposed to be spent filling in the content of his site was spent with him basically having me show him how to do things on the site. The reason I didnt mind showing how to do things was because I was going to provide training to him anyway so I thought I killed two birds with one stone. Anyway, to make a long story short it got late and he said how about he works on this at home. I said sure and burnt him a CD-ROM with his web site on it because he said he couldnt work without seeing the site. Anyhow the reason I burned the site was because he was supposed to have a check for the final payment of the site with him. As it turns out he had no check, so I was basically handing a guy an entire site without final payment. While the CD was burning I told my dad what was going on, so he approached the guy in general conversation about how I felt, because being young I couldnt bring myself to the talking myself.

He said that I have nothing to worry about to both myself and my dad and that I would be paid. My concern is though that even though he has a respectable business is that he will walk awway with a site that I labored on without me seeing final payment. So, do you more experienced web masters think I just screwed up big time, or do you think I'll be ok?

Thanks for reading and i'm sorry for the long story but I just needed to get this off of my chest,