Currently if you visit my site: http://www.codingclick.com you can see that there is a section called: "Scripts" - http://scripts.codingclick.com . As you can also see, there is almost nothing there at the moment.

At the moment you can also see there that I said that I'm working on some script and I need help. Well, this is where I need you help. I'm firstly making a news script and I want it to be easy to install, have heaps of functions and look great.

Exact Help I Need:
  • What Features Do you think there should be?
  • What Advanced Features Should there be?
  • Should I spend allot of time making this script fast loading and easy to install
  • Should I use MySQL? *YES*
  • Should There be a customizable Admin Area?
  • Should there be a very detailed easy to use admin area?
  • Should I give the option to not connect to the database?

PHP Code:
$connect=0) { 
} elseif(
$connect=1) {
} else {

Are there any more things that you think should be in this really cool script that I plan spending allot of time on?

Question: If this script get downloaded more than I expect, should I charge like $1 for it so I make something out of this?

Question: Have you got any ideas for other SIMPLE scripts that I could make while making this one and could you also specifiy some details like MySQL or Not, Admin areas, etc.

I'd like to thank you in advance for any replies I get to this. If no one does reply then I thank you for spending money and time on reading this thread.

Peter McNulty