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    Here is what I need. I currently making one project like open directory but for web scripts library.

    Here is what I need. One type of php file is on my site.

    My members and visitors can download modified version of this directory but with remote MySQL calls so when someone
    comes on any of their sites and add script, script is added on my database as a main database and all sites calling this database remotely shows new scripts.

    I read about some remote mysql coding but I don`t understand it compleatly.

    I know that if I only connect this kind of script to connect to my remote database. I will on dbconnect write all those database names, passwords, tables but I can`t do it here in standard way because than everybody have my mysql database password and other info.

    I think about making one file and function maybe remotedb_connect with database password , db name and all other what is necessary localy on my server and from modified version of script just include this file with this database settings and call a fuction remotedb_connect
    so other people won`t see my real mysql settings.

    I don`t really know how to solve this.

    If you have answer on my question or some better solution please reply me.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ivan Strigo

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    First, the remote entry people do not need any of the mysql login information. This is something that would exist with the cgi-perl, or perhaps the php script on the php server.

    I do not have the answer but i want to find if this is the same problem i have, and it may be.

    mine is a community site and i want the shops to maintain their own input (keeps them happy with no effort from me). So I have to provide a userid / password associated with a form. The user (shop owner) needs no mysql info. Then someone dl's the information about a shop. again no mysql info.

    is this the summary of the probleem?


    (if i am slow getting back - pm me)


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