I have my site home page working with three columns, spaced by % (adapted from FU2K.org 3Col_NN4_FMFM). The left two columns are actually in one div, so the remaining pages use that div without three total columns. Here is a simplified version of the basic code:

I would like to make two main changes:

(1) Fixed-width nav (right-column) instead of percentage (preferably around 9em).

(2) Hide Nav/Show Nav toggle like in SitePoint. I'd really only like this if it's not too complicated. I have yet to work on a "Print" format icon (just a different CSS template?) that I'd like to do for each page, so that might be as good as the Nav toggle.

* I want to be able to fix my CSS document and leave the content .php files the same, i.e. ordered as header, content, nav.

(3 - low priority) The following code seemed to be buggy as it made IE freeze after some font resizing. Is there an easy way to set it up where the fluid layout stops at the point where the browser window is too small to fit the text (eg. depending on the size of the text, if the browser window is, say, less than 600px, the formatting starts to drop all over the page making the content virtually illegible). Min-width:600 equivalent?
.box-wrap {
width:expression(document.body.clientWidth < 600? "599px": "auto" );}