Thanks for reading this bye the way, and taking the time to read about my struggles.

I am redisnging a new website, and to assist the ease of creation, and to allow others to create content. I have decidied to use ssi, with a little scripty thing which takes the bit on the end of a query string ie content.shtml?ssi.php or hopefully soon content.shtml?flz=me.php and adds that code in place of the ssi call. Fairly simple. But I have a site search, on the top bar of every page (or rather just the 3 template pages which the site consists of index.html, content.shtml and display.php), the site search is as you may expect on of those which follows all the links from the homepage. Now it will index these files fine and more importantly (as the ssi stuff is done by the server I suppose) it recognises that content.shtml?flz=ssi.php is seperate from content.shtml?flz=html.php and content.shtml?flz=articles.php.

However I want to define a variable in the source files ie ssi.php and tell the content.shtml page to use what ever variable it gets from the sorce of the title. For example
<title><!--#echo var="mytitlevar" --></title> would be put into content.shtml as the title and then a variable would be written into ssi.php to say that the variable is something like SSI - A tutorial. I sadly cannot use PHP to do this as the host this page will be on don't support PHP.

Please Please could someone tell me how this could be done, and if it won't work why?? Please Help!!!

I know it would be possible to use Javascript document.window.title etc to do this but I am working towords a site with almost no js except for a few rollovers.

The ssi getty thingy uses a query string as mentioned above. If defining a variable automaticly is not possible the what about something like display.shtml?flz=me.php&title=ssi if I could do that how and a snippet of code will be lovely.

Many Many Thanks in advance
Rick - R|B ~)} ::