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How common are those things to all Page Controllers? For the public section of a website, you don't need to authenticate users, right? I personally prefer to implement sessions & authentication through the use of InterceptingFilters. The FrontController can set these up. But you can achieve the same thing by having multiple PageController base classes: one for pages that do need authentication, one for those that don't need authentication, one for those that need authentication and sessions, one for those that only need sessions... see why a chain of intercepting filters might be more flexible?
Thanks to the latest example that have been provided I really see what it meant. However, I do have another question, where does one setup which filters should be run? In the quote above, different scenarios are laid out where different filters would need to run depending on the page/section requirements. How are you configuring what should be in the FilterChain?

The example InterceptingFilter has already paid off dividends in the progress of my project, thank you very much.