I decided to try the templates function of DW but am encountering major difficulty. I am using DW 3.0

The problem is the template doesn't update my pages associated with the template. I have made all areas editable.

As a test to see what I was doing wrong I created a new page and placed a table and some links all within a large table. I used this to make a template. I made the large table editable. I then made 2 more files from the template.
I then made some changes to the template I added a small line of text and place some text in the inner table. Clicked update and get the following
Updating C:\MyWebPages\dw_test\
files examined: 3
files updated: 0
files which could not be updated: 0
total time: (0:00:01)
I then saved the file and it asked whether to update templates used in file. Clicked update got the same message as above.
Made another change this time using modify/page properties changed link colours and background clicked update same as above no changes saved file it asked and I said update and this time it updated the files. It seems it will update changes made to page properties but not if I add a table or some text.

Anybody have any idea why this template function isn't working for me?